Worker’s Compensation Information

Worker’s compensation insurance is an important consideration for families who are employing a nanny or other domestic employee.  Each state administers their own worker’s compensation system and the requirements vary.  Some states require all household employers to obtain worker’s compensation coverage regardless of the employee’s hours or earnings.  Other states mandate that only certain household employers obtain coverage (generally based on how much an employee earns, how many hours the employee works, or how many employees are working).  And there are a number of states that do not require household employers to obtain coverage at all.  Below are some common questions and answers regarding worker’s compensation:


What is worker’s compensation?

Worker’s compensation is an insurance policy that protects you if your employee is injured on the job, and makes a claim for lost wages and/or medical expenses.


Is worker’s compensation included in my homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy?

You will always want to review your individual policy and check with your insurance agent, but worker’s compensation may or may not be included in your current coverage.  If your umbrella policy does not cover your employee, you can often add a rider to your existing policy.  This tends to be the easiest and least expensive option for obtaining coverage.  If your current insurance provider does not offer worker’s comp coverage, you can obtain a policy from any licensed insurance provider, and we encourage you to shop around for a policy as rates vary.

Please note that some states administer worker’s compensation coverage exclusively or as an alternative to private coverage.


How do I know if I am required to have worker’s compensation coverage?

You can contact your state’s Department of Labor or you can contact Nannychex and a tax specialist would be happy to provide you with your state’s requirements and your options for obtaining coverage.


Worker’s compensation insurance in my state is voluntary, so I don’t need to worry about this, right?

Not necessarily.  Even though your state may not require that you obtain coverage, you may still be liable for lost wages and/or medical expenses if your employee is injured on the job.  NannyChex always recommends that you explore your insurance options with a licensed insurance professional and we recommend all household employers obtain worker’s comp coverage even if the law does not require that you have coverage.


What happens if I don’t get coverage?

States often conduct worker’s compensation audits to ensure that employers are properly insured.  Employers who are required to have coverage, but do not obtain a policy, may be subject to penalties and fees.

NannyChex is able to assist you with your worker’s compensation audit, and in most cases, we can handle it for our clients at no charge.


Does NannyChex offer worker’s compensation insurance?

NannyChex is not an insurance company and is unable to sell you a policy.  We recommend that employers start with their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance agent to see if coverage can be added to an existing policy as that tends to be the easiest and least expensive method for adding coverage.  If you need a recommendation or contact information for insurance providers, please let us know.