NannyChex offers household payroll and tax services for all types of household employment situations.  Whether you have one employee or many; if they work part-time or full-time; living in the home or out, we can assist.  NannyChex is not just for nannies.  Since 1995, we have assisted all types of household employment arrangements including housekeepers, personal assistants, estate managers, gardeners, chefs, drivers, and more.

NannyChex offers a comprehensive payroll and tax service for household employers.  Our white glove customer service and straightforward pay as you go pricing makes NannyChex the best option for paying a household employee and navigating the complex tax requirements that exist for household employers.  NannyChex works with customers in all 50 states and we handle all local taxes.  Since 1995, our personal service, superior value, and expertise have established NannyChex as a leader in the household payroll industry.

If you employ someone who works in your home and they earn $2400 or more in gross wages, Social Security and Medicare tax withholdings are required.  Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA) are paid by both the employer and employee.  Other employee/employer taxes may be required at lower earnings thresholds and there may be additional taxes depending on where you live.

How NannyChex can help

NannyChex makes the household payroll and tax process easy and worry-free.  The IRS estimates that a household employer will spend 40-60 hours annually on their payroll and taxes.  To make matters worse, if an individual makes a mistake, the potential consequences could be costly and time-consuming.  Outsourcing to NannyChex saves you time, money and risk.  We process your employee’s payroll, handle the taxes, complete the year-end tax forms, and our work is guaranteed.

What NannyChex does


  • Free Set-up FEIN with the IRS
  • Free Set-up of State and Local Employer tax accounts
  • Point of contact for tax agencies
  • Manage and handle tax notices and correspondence related to payroll taxes
  • Maintain tax records
  • File New Hire report with the state tax authority
  • Local, State, and Federal quarterly tax filings including tax remittance
  • Year-end Preparation of W-2, W-3, and Schedule H


  • Direct Deposit payroll processing
  • Calculate Employee’s net pay and tax withholdings
  • Dedicated Employer and Employee web portal for pay stubs and other payroll information
  • Pay on the frequency you choose
  • Payroll your way – pay fixed hours each period or report the hours check by check
  • Pay as you go pricing – if you don’t process a check, you don’t pay a fee
  • Maintain payroll records
  • Sick, vacation, PTO tracking at no additional charge

White Glove Service

  • Free initial consultation
  • Free Set-up and Registration
  • Dedicated account representative available by phone and email
  • Unlimited free assistance regarding payroll, taxes, and year-end tax forms
  • Workers Compensation audits handled for no additional charge
  • Employment Verifications for no added charge
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims for no additional charge