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2023 Nanny Tax Information

The Social Security Administration has released the 2023 earnings threshold for employers of nannies and other household employees withholding FICA (Social Security and Medicare taxes).  Unlike many industries, for household employment, FICA taxes are not withheld until the earnings threshold is met.  Although the threshold represents the minimum that an employee must earn for FICA withholdings, […]

Payroll Taxes for Household Employers and Employees

Summer is over, and many families are seeking household help.  Whether it’s an after-school sitter, a weekend caregiver, or an employee providing full-time or even 24 hour care, many families are employing domestic workers.  Employees and employers have similar questions, concerns, and frustrations with payroll taxes.  Of course, no one likes paying taxes.  But more […]

Worker’s Compensation Information

Worker’s compensation insurance is an important consideration for families who are employing a nanny or other domestic employee.  Each state administers their own worker’s compensation system and the requirements vary.  Some states require all household employers to obtain worker’s compensation coverage regardless of the employee’s hours or earnings.  Other states mandate that only certain household employers obtain […]