2022 Minimum Wage Increases

As the calendar turns to 2022, many workers will see an increase in minimum wage in the new year.  26 states have minimum wage increases scheduled for 2022 and 21 of those states have their new rate effective January 1st.  The increases can be traced to a few factors including previous ballot initiatives and automatic cost of living adjustments based on inflation.  The federal minimum wage remains at $7.25 for 2022.  Many cities and counties have minimum wage requirements that exceed the state rate, and there may also be lower rates or exemptions based on industry and business size.  For the most accurate minimum wage rate for your location and employment situation, please call one of our experts at 877-626-6924.

Below are the 21 states increasing minimum wage effective January 1st, 2022 along with the new minimum wage amount:

Arizona:  $12.80

California:  $15.00

Colorado:  $12.56

Delaware:  $10.50

Illinois:  $12.00

Maine:  $12.75

Maryland:  $12.50

Massachusetts:  $14.25

Michigan:  $9.87

Minnesota:  $10.33

Missouri:  $11.15

Montana:  $9.20

New Jersey:  $13.00

New Mexico:  $11.50

New York*:  $13.20

Ohio:  $9.30

Rhode Island:  $12.25

South Dakota:  $9.95

Vermont:  $12.55

Virginia:  $11.00

Washington:  $14.49


*New York’s minimum wage went in to effective December 31, 2021